“Ch. Copper and Brass’s Xpert Yukon”, aka “Yukon”, but also “Yukje, Koekie, Koekedoos…”, my daredevil with whom everything started.

Many, many years ago, I went to a dog show in Mechelen, looking for Flatcoated Retrievers. But all at the sudden I saw a “little red one”… and I just kept on looking. This colour, this temperament, this was just great! I immediately bought a book about these “little red ones”, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. Love at first sight!

And so the search for Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever breeders began, as they were rare at that time. After I found and visited the breeder, the waiting game began, waiting until Holly, “Decoymans Piper Holly” would get in heat and would be mated to Sampras, “Copper and Brass’s Unionsamp”. Then waiting to know if she was pregnant. And hoping that there  would – please please – be four males in the litter (as I was 4th on the waiting list for a male)…

And yes! On September 21st, 1998 the breeder called me with the good news that exactly four males were born ? The first (and following) visits were planned, and very soon one little rascal caught my eye. But as I was only 4th on the list, I had to wait for the other people to make their choice. But my prayer was answered… and I got the little rascal who stole my heart from the second week!

And he truly became a little red rascal! One with temperament, with character, but very social and everybody’s friend. I don’t remember how many people trained with him at the dog school, just for fun, because they liked it. And most of all because he enjoyed it!

Yukon never went picking-up with me, because it would have been “chewed” pheasant before it came in… But we trained with dummies so he was never bored.

He also did very well at shows. Although he was not big for a male, he could stand up for himself, and earned several champions titles.  But afterwards he had to pass it on to Yggr ?

Yukon always stayed the little daredevil, with his dark, twinkling eyes. Very independent, yet so affectionate. For 15 years and 2 months, he lived a beautiful and long life without too many health issues. But it’s always too soon… I still miss him every day, my very first dog, one who has left a very clear pawprint on my heart. Forever together with his soulmate Yggr…