“Exotic Lunas Don’t Stop Me Now”, aka “Wunjo”, but also “Wunniman, Wunnewun, …”, my long-expected Danish boy!

I was looking around for a second Flatcoated Retriever for a longer time yet, as well for show as for work, to assist Rico during hunting days. After many hours of wandering around kennels on the internet, and after being on a waiting list a few times, “but-then-again-not-this-time” due to several circumstances, I was determined this time: a second Flatcoat it would be! From the beginning, I had a very nice contact with Sanne and Brian from Kennel Exotic Lunas in Denmark. I totally fell in love with Wunjo’s mommy Kahlua, “Exotic Lunas Take A Chance On Me”, a beautiful liver female. Also her future partner Steffo, “Wildzeal Single Soul Blues” was highly lovable. So the waiting game started… Many months of patience, which was rewarded with “blue boy”, my favourite, not only because of his blue ribbon ?

Meanwhile, Wunjo is one year young, and I started thinking I should have given him another pedigree name… “Don’t Stop Me Now” is exactly what he’s living up to for the moment! Unstoppable, from speed as well as character, a clever boy who’s “user’s manual” I’m still studying ?

To be continued… But he already stole my heart, and when I’m finished reading his manual, we’ll make a good team!