“Multi.Ch. Copper and Brass’s Yggr”, aka “Yggr”, but also “Yggy, Yggypuppy, Yggtje, … “, mommy’s child and World Champion…

When Yukon was about eight months old, his breeder organised a litter reunion with a show judgement and fun-afternoon. That’s where I met Jason, “Hyflyer’s Missisauga Jason”, a calm, impressive male with attitude. “Wow! One day I would like a son out of him!”, I thought, and I said… The breeder answered me that she had a litter out of Jason and Reggie, “Redina of Great Pleasure”, at that time. One thing you should never do if you’re not planning on getting a puppy, is visit a litter of cute little red ones… ?

And that’s how Yggr came into my life. He was, more than Yukon, chosen on character (a little bit calmer than Yukon wouldn’t be bad ? ) and exterior. I had done some shows with Yukon meanwhile, and although I had said before I would never do that, it was fun.

Yggr was indeed calmer, and an ideal companion for Yukon who could drain his energy playing with Yggr. He was a bit easier for obedience and hunting training, although he also had this typical Toller-traits… Some days, he was working really well, ready for a working test (I thought!). But the other day could be totally different. After throwing the dummy, he could look at me with his eyes saying: “Fetch the dummy? Me?? Noooo, today it’s your turn to get it!”. But that also was easily forgiven, because, as mommy’s child, he really well knew how to twist me round his little paws.

Showing Yggr was a great pleasure… Just as his father, he had a calm but self-confident attitude in the ring, which very often resulted in the praise of “very showy dog”. Except from the puppy-class, I did 66 shows with Yggr, of which he became “Best Of Breed” 23 times! The first time out of youth-class at 13 months of age, the last time out of veteran-class at 10 years of age. He earned several champions titles, with as top of the bill the title of “World Champion 2003”, at 4 years of age.

But Yggr not only was beautiful, he could also work very well. Together with him I entered the hunting scene, and learned to enjoy the picking-up days. During hunting, he wasn’t so calm anymore… He once ran off so quickly after the shot, the pheasant almost fell down on his head!

Yggr also lived a long and healthy life. Sadly enough, during the last months he got dementia, and became more anxious and restless. Yukon and Yggr were always inseparable, but now Yggr became even more dependent. When the urgent and painful decision arouse to let Yukon go, I choose not to leave Yggr alone… During the 14 years and 6 months of Yggr’s life, they had never been separated. When you saw one, you saw two. It didn’t feel okay to separate them now.

So Yukon and Yggr went over the rainbow bridge together… Mommy’s child and shadow isn’t near anymore. The pain is double, but on the other hand it’s good to know this is better for them. And that’s the most important thing…